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(12 km N from epicenter)
very big shake

(31 km SW from epicenter)
Was woken up by it. Building was shaking a lot, no damage but it was fairly scary. All of my friends were also woken up by it.

(35 km S from epicenter)
Strong and quick shake about 10 sec, Kita-Ku

(38 km S from epicenter)
Light shaking lasting no longer than 15 seconds. First earthquake experienced.

(39 km SW from epicenter)
Etwas ungut

(42 km SW from epicenter)
Woke me up with a very noticeable jolt and lasted 30 seconds. Could hear the house creaking too

(48 km SW from epicenter)
My bed was shaking slightly and woke me up

(49 km NW from epicenter)
I feel that very strong. Bed shaking and apartment shaking

(49 km SW from epicenter)
Fuerte movimiento 4:54 am del martes 14 Enero desde Kotesashi, Tokorozawa, Saitama ken se sintió como de grado 5

(51 km SW from epicenter)
Occurred at almost 5am local time. Woke me from sleep, and light shaking lasted for almost a minute on the ground floor. .

(54 km SW from epicenter)
The quake hindered my sleep, it shook for about 10 seconds.

(62 km SW from epicenter)
It was at 4:55am and lasted about 15 seconds. It shook the windows and made the bed shake.

(65 km N from epicenter)
Woke me up

Kanagawa (66 km S from epicenter)
Slight shaking that woked me up from sleep

Chuo (71 km SW from epicenter)
I was sleepy, my bed start shaking so i wake up. This was a strong jolt but a single one... my first earthquake in Japan

(87 km S from epicenter)
Bed was shaking and windows were rattling. Woke me up.

(118 km SW from epicenter)
I felt very little shake