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Belleville (27 km NW from epicenter)
It seemed really loud, shook the whole house.

New Bloomfield (28 km E from epicenter)
House shook. Neighbors (duplex) felt as well. Even children sleeping upstairs woke up asking about it.

Huntingdon (42 km W from epicenter)
everyone inside felt it and heard it, the person sitting outside heard it but felt nothing

Boalsburg (46 km NW from epicenter)
It felt and sounded like a dump truck driving by our house! Unfortunately I was the only one that noticed it.

Liverpool Twp (47 km NE from epicenter)
I was standing in my kitchen and heard a rumble and my fridge shook. I went to look outside to see if a tree fell over or something.

Beavertown (48 km NE from epicenter)
Lasted maybe 5-8 seconds, sounded like a loud long rumble, shook entire house

Mechanicsburg (49 km SE from epicenter)
My wife and I were sitting outside and definitely felt a vibration and low boom

Mechanicsburg (49 km SE from epicenter)
Shook house, made noise.

Mechanicsburg (49 km SE from epicenter)
It was quite a tremor about 5-10 seconds and u could hear the rumble

Mechanicsburg (49 km SE from epicenter)
At almost exactly 8:30 pm, I felt/heard my house rattle for 3-4 seconds. No objects moved in my house. I was not sure whether it was a low thunder roll or an earthquake.

Mechanicsburg (49 km SE from epicenter)
Sounded like thunder coming from a distance and then after about 20 seconds a boom!

Marysville (50 km E from epicenter)
We didn't know what happened. Floor moved, chair moved and windows rattled.

Alexandria (51 km W from epicenter)
Felt house move not real long

Camp Hill (55 km E from epicenter)
It sounded like a huge roll of Thunder or a military plane flying really low. It was a strange rumble that we could feel.

New Cumberland (59 km E from epicenter)
Felt like it came up from the east. Shook the house for a second or two. Alamo’s the thought a train derailed nearby.

Orrtanna (66 km S from epicenter)
A strange rumble in our house and wondered what it was

Etters (67 km SE from epicenter)
About 830 pm. House just kind of rumbled and then there was a boom. I thought someone in a big truck wrecked. Friends said they felt it too

Selinsgrove (70 km NE from epicenter)
First time I ever felt an earthquake it was kind of strange

Shamokin Dam (77 km NE from epicenter)
House shook for 3-4 seconds.

Northumberland (80 km NE from epicenter)
I heard what sounded like a truck hitting a tree outside our front door. We live in the woods so I knew that didn't happen but it did make me jump and look out the window. Nothing was out of place

Hagerstown (88 km S from epicenter)
Power seemed to serge on my lamp and fan. Coffee table - which is very heavy was shaking. That's what caught my immediate attention that something wasn't quite right.

York (88 km SE from epicenter)
Felt it. Shook the house.

Hampstead (107 km SE from epicenter)
Heard a low rumbling sound and windows rattled slightly

Parkton (113 km SE from epicenter)
Felt like a truck pulled up next to the house. Our dog ran towards the door to see if someone was at the house.

Dundalk (156 km SE from epicenter)
Just heard a rumble