Volcano (2 km NW from epicenter)
Very strong earthquake in Volcano, Hawaii.

Pahala (36 km SW from epicenter)

Hilo (37 km N from epicenter)
It was a long-lasting shake. Minutes of ascending and descending waves of jolting. It took a long time to slow-down and then subside.

Hilo (41 km N from epicenter)
Lots of rattling

Pepeekeo (49 km N from epicenter)
My second reply.. Felt a big QUAKE here at 12:57am.. Woke us outta sleep..Bed was just rockin & Rollin! I noticed that it knocked things off my stove & shifted a few things around here & there a bit!

Hawaiian Ocean View (69 km SW from epicenter)
Lasted about 15-20 seconds. Source volcano, hi

Waikoloa (83 km NW from epicenter)
Felt 4 to 5 intermittent waves. I was lying down on a bed my daughter standing next to me. We both felt them. Talked about it. Interesting the pauses between them. Son near but in another room didn't notice. We Looked it up to verify and yes a 5.3 on the south east side of the island. Subtle, but definitely noticed. Cool we felt them.

Kailua Kona (83 km W from epicenter)
It woke me up out of bed because bed was shaking.