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Anchorage (12 km S from epicenter)
I was in my vehicle and ideas parked and it was moving around up and down and sideways. Now I hear alarms going off all around me. I am by the water in Anchorage, Alaska.

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
The power of this earthquake was actually disturbing. I'll be thinking about this for quite some time. It had a very humbling effect on me.

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
I am a teacher and I was up on the second floor of my school building and had to evacuate after it stopped shaking with the entire school which was around 700 students.

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
I was genuinely scared for my life

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
This has to be the scariest thing ever.

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
Building was shaking and had to run out for safety!

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
It was very scary. :( I freaked out. We were in school but luckily we all know the drill so we all dove underneath our desks and held onto the legs. The lights went out shortly after the earthquake started. This is fun. I think we might get to go home. :)

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
Big one with many after shocks. Still having after shocks 12 hours later!

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
This sucks. Continued after shocks are keeping me on edge

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
really scary scariest thing ever felt

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
The earthquake woke me up from sleep; when I ran downstairs to stand in a doorway to be safe, I was able to walk and it wasn't so hard that I was thrown to the ground or anything, but it was more difficult than it usually would be and I was somewhat worried I would fall. In my house, the light furniture that fell was all on the upper story, or was hanging on walls (like a mirror). The ground floor of our house has the least amount of damage; our basement floor and second floor have the most disturbance and object damage. Drawers and cabinets opened at all levels of our house. Items fell out of the cupboards in both bathrooms in our house (on the second floor and in the basement), and in our kitchen. Nothing that fell out of the cupboards broke, though, even glass spice bottles. Most of the objects that fell were upstairs. Books fell from bookshelves, and things that weren't secured, even small furniture, fell. Things that fell were very insecurely attached or were top-heavy, so it isn't significant furniture toppling in my opinion. My stepmom was driving, and she says it felt like her tire was going flat until she saw things moving and realized it was an earthquake. My across the street neighbor was also driving, and says it felt the same for her. I think the phone lines are out, because I'm only able to receive and make calls/receive and send messages through wifi-based apps on my phone, not through the phone's actual calling service. When the big earthquake was happening, I remember seeing the light from the street lamps outside moving, I think both because the lights were swaying and maybe also because the earth was moving, too. I've felt seven or 8 aftershocks since the earthquake happened, and for the most part they've all gotten smaller progressively. The second or third aftershock felt bigger than the one before it, but that's the only exception I can think of. They've also gotten farther apart from what I can tell. I don't know whether or not this is related to the earthquake, but my family's dog was barking for a really long time this morning in between the time everyone else left the house (around 8:00/shortly after 8:00 am) and when the earthquake happened (at 8:29, according to every single earthquake monitoring website I've looked at). Our dog doesn't usually bark that intently for that long, so I assumed there was a moose in front of our house or something, but there's no moose footprints so I could believe it was her barking about the incoming earthquake. She's an eerily smart dog. I just went outside and checked in our two sheds, and nothing fell that I can see in either of them but the large tool chest that my dad has did have its' drawers open up much like the drawers in our kitchen and bathrooms. Also, I'm pretty sure the noise I heard during the earthquake is because of all the movement happening inside of my house, not because of the earth making a noise; I can't be 100% sure of that, though. I'm going to send this survey to my friends and family, so they can fill it out, too.

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
A lot of things were broken

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)
Transformers blew sending "lightening" up. power was totally out.

Anchorage (13 km S from epicenter)

Anchorage (15 km S from epicenter)
Was actually in bed when earthquake accrued

Anchorage (15 km S from epicenter)
Itwas super scary lots of damage, no deaths to be reported yet, still experiencing aftershocks every 25 min or so.

Anchorage (15 km S from epicenter)
It was very scary and long.

Anchorage (15 km S from epicenter)
Big , long shake, some damage. Things fell off wall & counters. Aftershocks.

Jber (15 km SE from epicenter)
I was in the parking garage underneath my building.

Eagle River (19 km E from epicenter)
Interesting and intense.

Anchorage (19 km S from epicenter)
Very bad. It’s ugly

Chugiak (21 km E from epicenter)
Strong shocks and numerous aftershocks. Contents of cabinets fell all over house. 6 to 8 cracks in earth and pavement. Damage to garage doors and deck.

Anchorage (21 km S from epicenter)
It was a big one with violent shaking

Anchorage (22 km S from epicenter)
Very intense and scary

Wasilla (27 km N from epicenter)
That was the scariest earthquake I've ever been throught

Wasilla (38 km NE from epicenter)
Halfway between Palmer and Wasilla. Very bad Things fell over a d broke. Shook house severely for several seconds. Power out. I ran out of house. Aftershocks now

Wasilla (42 km NE from epicenter)
My children shaket after the quake.

Wasilla (44 km NE from epicenter)
Very intense!No major damage but, the power was out for a few hours, the water heater moved and was leaking, many broken dishes, pantryand wall items, a cracked wall, one of our goats "ginger" was stuck in her coat and the mini horse "skeeter" had giant white eyes, one of our cats went missing but returned hours later. 4 days later we still have silty water. It took my breath away. All I could think of was, that nothing on earth is as powerful but the infinite power of GOD! These experiences are so humbling and remind us just how unprepared we are for catastrophes & mostly our need of a savior "Jesus"! #JesusSaves

Palmer (52 km NE from epicenter)
Dishes and food spilled out of the cupboards onto the counters and floor. Power is out. Difficult to assess further damage at this time

Talkeetna (111 km NW from epicenter)
I was wondering if house would hold together all the cracking and snapping

Talkeetna (111 km NW from epicenter)
It was a shaker

Soldotna (112 km SW from epicenter)
Everyone was running

Kenai (113 km SW from epicenter)
I was in the shower merely feel it was rocking like a fun house teacher. Still rolling off and on. Don’t think it’s Dan completely yet think there’s going to be a lot of aftershocks it was Bag

Kenai (113 km SW from epicenter)
Its still going here in Kenai and another huge one is happening right now.

Kenai (113 km SW from epicenter)

Kenai (113 km SW from epicenter)
Shaking, rolling,several upstairs items fell

Homer (208 km SW from epicenter)
Still getting my nerves under control and expecting to feel more effects so very aware of it if it happens again.

North Pole (403 km N from epicenter)
Lasted 30-45 seconds

Fairbanks (407 km N from epicenter)
The rolling motion lasted for about 1-1/2 minutes

Fairbanks (407 km N from epicenter)
Mild rocking like putting a vaby to sleep..lasted 20 seconds or so

(423 km NE from epicenter)
Blinds were slapping against the wall an TV almost fell over. Fort Wainwright

Haines (832 km E from epicenter)

Juneau (931 km E from epicenter)
Chandelier swinging was our only indication, one woman felt it slightly due to medical conditions.

Marlborough (5424 km E from epicenter)
Sitting my van and it started swaying slightly. Engine off and no wind that I could see.