(6 km W from epicenter)
Earthquake started suddenly and lasted for about 10 seconds of intense shaking. The earthquake alert sounded only after shaking had stopped, maybe because I was so close to the epicenter.

Osaka (16 km S from epicenter)
My whole group woke up to everything shaking loudly in our air bnb on the fifth floor of our appartment in Osaka. There was about 5-8 seconds of intense shaking then about 20 seconds after was swaying. I was stumbling around the appartment and it felt hard to keep my ballance.

Osaka (16 km S from epicenter)
Mild tremor

Osaka (16 km S from epicenter)
A rua tremeu tudo!!! O trem até bateu!!!

Ōsaka-shi (17 km S from epicenter)
A rua tremeu toda. A ponte em cima de mim que passava o trem tremeu toda e o trem parece que até tinha batido, mas acho que era o terremoto mesmo.

Konohana (21 km SW from epicenter)
In a hotel 8th floor at Universal City. Our building swayed for around 10-15 seconds and everything stopped. Nothing else happened.

Nishinomiya-shi (21 km SW from epicenter)
Shaking for a couple of seconds. Strong enough to have some bottles and other items fall over. Two more shakes after that, a couple minutes later, one brief and maybe 2 seconds short, the second one hardly noticable and not even a second long.

Uji (25 km E from epicenter)
In Obaku (near Kyoto) at the first floor, i felt very strong shaking but nothing fall over.

Kyōto-shi (27 km NE from epicenter)
strong shaking for 3s. one bottle has fallen down the floor. 4F Kyoto. Doors to escape blocked!!

Kyōto-shi (29 km NE from epicenter)
Séisme fortement ressenti à Kyoto. Pas de dommage matériel apparent.

Nara (30 km SE from epicenter)
Second earthquake after a lighter one on Friday(?) night. Quite some shaking, water spilling out of the aquarium (without fish, no casualties 😀). Grabbed the children and ran out to meet the neighbours on the street. Doors of cupboards in the kitchen blocked by safety mechanism, worked nicely. Power, water okay, don't see any damage at the house. School and Kindergarten continue.

Nara-shi (33 km SE from epicenter)
Walking down Road in Nara.... Powerlines shaking, birds flying, shutters rattling

Toyoyama (135 km E from epicenter)
At Nagoya Airport (Toyoyama-cho), announcement over speaker system alerted earthquake was happening, felt small movements.

Shinshiro-shi (180 km E from epicenter)
Brief sound and then shaking for a few seconds.

Okinoshima-chō (251 km NW from epicenter)
Felt on Oki, slight horizontal movements.