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Hollister (12 km NE from epicenter)
First quake was slight roll then mild jolt; second quake was slight roll then sharp jolt & roll, longer than first quake we felt.

Hollister (12 km NE from epicenter)
Heard a small crack on the glass door followed by two strong jolts that caused pictures to fall.

Salinas (18 km SW from epicenter)
Most different experience I've ever felt from past earthquakes. It was a sort of pause in between then another hit.

Salinas (19 km SW from epicenter)
There was an initial rumbling and shaking that rapidly increased and decreased (approx. 5 seconds), followed a minute later by a lesser temblor (shorter in duration). Both had a crescendo/decrescendo effect. Very loud rumbling like thunder. Perceptible jolting of the ground beneath me.

Castroville (21 km W from epicenter)
Couldn't view the options but the first one was like a sharp jerk and the next one was a lot stronger but longer. I live in a trailer home so the walls and curtains moved. The rumble was heard before it happened.

Salinas (33 km SW from epicenter)
My son and I thought it was quite noticeable but weren't motivated to run to the dining room to view the chandaleer. We can hardly believe that my husband didn't feel it at all.

Seaside (36 km SW from epicenter)
Felt stronger than 3

Del Rey Oaks (36 km SW from epicenter)
No power outages from my second story view point around the coast and/or alarms.

Monterey (40 km SW from epicenter)
I felt it about 10 minutes after it was reported as starting in/near Hollister. Also, I don't know about any damage yet. It's dark and I'm in bed.

Carmel (45 km SW from epicenter)
My bed was shaking alot. I heard some noises coming from the street.

San Jose (54 km NW from epicenter)
Barely noticable second was bigger