Alexandria (108 km SW from epicenter)
Hung lights swayed , and was frightening

Alexandria (108 km SW from epicenter)
It took a few seconds and i was afraid a little bit

Alexandria (108 km SW from epicenter)
no...cause this is my first time...sry its frightening but exciting

Alexandria (108 km SW from epicenter)
I was sitting at my room and I felt that the chair dancing right and left. the direction of the move from east to west as I know well the north direction from my room.

Mansoura (128 km SE from epicenter)
most Egyptians are moslims but not believed that mirza ghulam ahmad is the real mahdi messiah (promised christ) i think this is one of serial divine punishment from Allah to us. name: ahmad abd al-aleem \ anesthetist

Cairo (223 km S from epicenter)
my lamps swayed a little, water in the glass shook a little. it was incredibly mild, almost like an underground train was passing by(there are no trains under my area)

(230 km S from epicenter)
it was just a trembling, i felt it when sitting on my bed